Can Data be stored on a glass Plate? Yes! It is now proved by Microsoft

Microsoft partnered with Warner Bros. to launch a portable “glass hard drive”. The 7.5 cm square glass piece with a thickness of only 2 mm can store 75.8G data. It can be as long as 1000 years without fear of wind and rain, knife and fire. Will this be the future of massive data storage and data centers?¬†A cup-sized glass piece may become the future of mass storage data technology.

Microsoft and Warner Bros. collaborated on a conceptual test, a new long-term information storage technology. The researchers of the two companies successfully loaded the 1978 movie Superman into a coaster-sized silica glass piece and successfully read it. This new media storage can last for centuries and can withstand the unacceptable damage of film or magnetic drives.

The quartz glass slides used by the researchers are¬†75 x 75 mm and only 2 mm thick, but they can safely store 75.6 GB of data¬†with¬†the margin of storing redundant code.¬†Although the glass pieces sound fragile, the tests prove that they are still very “sturdy and resistant”.

The research team exposed it to a variety of harsh environments – submerged in water,¬†heated¬†in a¬†microwave oven¬†, demagnetized, boiled in water, rubbed with steel wool, and then¬†baked in¬†an¬†oven¬†at 260 ¬įC¬†.¬†After a variety of “baptisms”, internal data is still readable.

microsoft glass disk

Experiments have shown that these media are not as susceptible to fire, flood, earthquake, power outage or electromagnetic interference as traditional storage devices.¬†They don’t need that much energy to achieve optimal storage conditions.¬†Currently, data centers around the world require a lot of energy to cool down and cool, and these glass storages may come in handy.¬†Moreover, they take up much less physical space than traditional storage devices.

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