Who is title holder of “Memory King” in 2020??

Picture: Routine of Nepal Banda , Nepalese Social Media Facebook Page Congratulating Arpan Sharma Kattel .

This time again memory king of 2020 is from Nepal. Arpan Sharma Kattel who previously  won the title as “Memory King” in 2017 , has  again kept record of 83 words in a second  organized by  Guiness World Records  in 2020. He is from Jhapa , Nepal.

Born on 5 February 1990, Jhapa, the sharp-minded young Nepali people who claimed the title Guinness Book from world records as’ Longest Sequence of Color Memorized’ and’ Sequences of Memorized Objects in One Minute’ .  Arpan Sharma or Arpan Sharma (Kattel).

He’s a recipient of the National Youth Award. For his exceptional talent he was given the National Youth Award by the Ministry of Youth and Sport, the Government of Nepal. He also has interest in music.

His high school at Secondary Study was completed by Arpan Sharma (Kattel). Bhadrapur, Jhapa, Niketan French Boarding High School. He studied in Jhapa Nepal, Mechi Multiple Campus.  Sharma showed four colors on a laptop monitor 200 times, every color for two seconds, red, white, blue, and black. He then had to blindfold and identify the color on the monitor. On the monitor the four colors are randomly 200 times displayed and the color on the monitor is recognized by a Sharma blindfolded. Out of 200, he was 165 times right.

Arpan Scharma (2015) believes the orthodox memorizing skills of the current education and learning practice in Nepal have led to a longer-lasting drop in performance. The Guinness World Register Holder for Memory Power (2015) Arpan envisages an improvement in this procedure.

He provides instruction on successful memorization methods in seminars. He trained many students at colleges and colleges in Pokhara, Damak and Kathmandu, to name a few. The students were able to improve their memory. He also trained military personnel in Jhapa, Charali Base Camp.

National Youth Award Winner – 2072, Guinness World Record Holder in Memory Power – Memory King. Nepali actor Rajesh Hamal tested some question to Arpan Sharma. In the Industrial and Commercial Association Damak Jhapa, Nepal.

Arpan Sharma remembered the arrangements for 42 objects within one minute.In the future, he will develop more of these programs. He also received the Nepalese Government’s 2015 National Youth Award and he is looking forward to receiving many of these nationally and internationally.

                       Picture: Arpan Sharma Kattel Has also posted in his official facebook page stating his happiness of winning his title back again in 2020.

On the same day , another guy from Nepal  Bijay Shahi who is newly recorded as the “Memory King” by CHAMPIONS Book of the WORLD RECORDS organized at Annapurna Hotel Kathmandu at Feb.  He is from Kalikot a remote district of Nepal.

Picture: Bijaya Shahi Holding certificate of Memory King 2020, Champions Book of The World Records

They won the  world record title “Memory King ” , Arpan Sharma Kattel and Bijaya Shahi from different organizations as world’s largest memory power.It is clear that the record is set by the two’s, organized by different organizations .


Country Words Year Records
Arpan Sharma Kattel Jhapa, Nepal 83 04 Feb,2020 Guiness Book of World Records
Bijaya Shahi Kalikot,Nepal 70  04 Feb,2020 CHAMPIONS Book of the WORLD RECORDS
Sagar Vuchi Hyderabad,India


52 09 Jun,2019


Guiness Book of World Records



Picture: Champions Book Of the world Records stated Bijaya Shahi Congratulating him in their website.

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