How to See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile (All Methods)

This, in turn, helps the users to know about the areas that need improvement along with the areas that are pretty successful. Also, users can learn more about the people that follow them by keeping tabs on these metrics. 

Several browser extensions are available on the internet, claiming that they can offer the type of functionality which can further allow users to know about other users that visit their profile often. Although one should keep in mind that most of these browser extensions do more harm than good. This is why users should steer clear of such extensions. 

Irrespective of whether the browser extensions are accessible for free and may seem pretty authentic, chances are that you might end up in deep trouble if you use them. The extensions in turn can access your personal information without you even knowing about it. 

To make things worse, such extensions only let users know about the profile that visits your account and is using the same extension instead of actually telling about the stalker profiles, which was your primary concern. 

In a nutshell, things can escalate pretty quickly in the wrong direction for you if you choose to opt for such web browser extensions for the purpose of knowing about who views or visits your Twitter profile. 

In case you are still adamant about using a web extension to see for yourself, it is recommended that you make use of the Profile Visitors. Although we do not guarantee any sort of results or safety regarding your personal information. 

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Q.1 Is it possible for someone to know that you have been stalking them on Twitter?

Ans-1 The answer to this question is pretty easy, contrary to popular beliefs. The privacy policy of Twitter restricts users from having that sort of access where they can know the names of people who visit their profile. 

There is no known method to do this and if you think an application can help you with this, you are wrong. Do not waste your time and energy on something that is actually not possible. 

Q.2 How can I manage my visibility on Twitter?

Ans-2 It is pretty common for people to be curious about the accounts that visit their profile. The same goes for the platform of Twitter. Even though there are plenty of apps and extensions that may say otherwise, it is not possible to know about the names and information of the users who view your profile. You can view anyone’s profile and not a soul would know about it. 

Q.3 Is there a way to see who viewed My Twitter profile?

Ans-3 No, there is no exact way that can help users to answer the question of “who viewed my Twitter profile?” you may get to know about the number of accounts that interacted with your profile and saw your profile, but knowing the names of the same is next to impossible. 

To know why your tweets are visible to others, you can check whether your account is private or not. In the case of a private account, your tweets won’t appear in the search results, and only the people that follow you will be able to see your posts. 

On the other hand, if you possess a public account, it allows anyone on the platform of Twitter to interact with your account. People can also see your posts without following you if they search for a specific keyword and your post happens to include the keyword. There is a possibility that if you switch it to a private account, some of your tweets might still appear in the search results. 

You can make good use of the information available above to know how you can make your profile private with relative ease. 


Without a doubt, Twitter is a platform where people express, grow, and impress others with their posts and tweets. The platform has all sorts of great filters and features for users to make the most out of their time on Twitter. 

The methods mentioned in the blog come off as alternatives instead of answers because there is no way that a person can actually know the names of the users that stalk their account, which is why a user can track other things that are important for the overall growth of the account as well. 

For any further queries or info about the services and features of Twitter, you can simply contact the help and support center of Twitter or you can drop your questions and feedback in the comments section. 

Adios! Fly high Tweeter. 

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