[Bhadra 30]New Exam Routine of Class 12 (2078 | NEB 12 Exam Rescheduled after Postponement

The new Routine of class 12 is published today on 16 Bhadra 2078 by NEB Nepal. After the postponement of the physical exam by CCMC, now it is re-scheduled from the 31 Bhadra of 2078.

New Routine of Class 12

NEB has decided to conduct the class 12 board examination from Bhadra 30 by following all the necessary health precautions. There will be a home centre with full marks questions

New Exam Routine of Class 12

Download New Routine of Class 12

You can download the new routine of class 12 exam from the following link

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NEB 12 grade’s Final examination is postponed today due to the uncomfortable situation caused by the worldwide spread of Covid-19 infection.

It was prescribed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and COVID-19 Crisis Management Center (CCMC) jointly till the situation gets normal or next notice of CCMC.

Notice of postponement of class 12 annual examination

The below is the detailed postponing notice from the NEB board. The board declares the postponing of the examination of grade 12 all exams.

 NEB 12 Exam Postponed

Addressing the letter received, it has been decided to start from 31st July 2078 BS
Secondary Education Passing Examination (Annual Examination of Class 12) Program National Examination.

Till When Is it postponed?

Until further notice as per the decision of the Board dated 2078-04-23
Has been postponed for Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and Covid-19 crisis

How NEB 12 exam is postponed?

Assessing the status of the transition in coordination with the Management Center (CCMC),
a new examination schedule will be published with at least 15 (15) days notice all stakeholders are requested.

Why NEB 12 exam is postponed?

Prescribed due to an unfavourable situation.  the National Examination Board (NEB) regrets not being able to conduct the examination on time.

Source:  NEB

RONB Notification

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