IMEI Registration Nepal:How to Register your phone’s IMEI in Nepal?

After the news of IMEI Registration in Nepal by NTA, it is now compulsory to register your phone in Nepal if it is not bought from Nepal or If you don’t have sufficient proof of buying your phone in Nepal like VAT bills, warranty registration cards etc.

register imei in nepal noticePhones that are brought from countries other than Nepal are considered illegal. To use those phones, you must do IMEI registration in Nepal. Illegal mobile phones will not be allowed to operate in Nepal from next July (Shrawan).

Check IMEI Registration Status

First of all, you should check your device if it is registered in Nepal’s Mobile Device Management System.

register imei in nepal  statusIf it shows your device not registered in the system, then you must register your device yourself online. It is a very easy and short process step-by-step.

How to Check IMEI Registration Status?

Follow some steps sequentially to check your device first and then register in Nepal to make it work in Nepal’s Carrier.

Go to your phone’ dialer and dial *#06# to find your device IMEI Number.

Note both IMEI1 and IMEI2 somewhere for reference.

Now, go to NTA’s website

Click on Know Your Device.

Enter your device’s IMEI Number in the box.

Click on submit.

The message appears below after few seconds. If your device was not registered, then follow the below steps carefully.

register imei in nepal  status

How to Register your phone IMEI in Nepal?

The best method to IMEI registration in Nepal is by registering via an online website of NTA.

You can find out if your mobile’s IMEI number is currently registered or not. The IMEI number registration process is explained as.

  1. Click the link and visit the Nepal Telecommunication Authority portal.
  2. Click on “Know your device” to check whether your device is registered.
  3. After checking your device IMEI, Click on Sign Up.
  4. Click on the “Individual Application”.
  5. Fill up all details asked in the boxes.
  6. Upload the identification ID (Citizenship, passport, driving license) photo (should be less than 3 MB and only pdf and jpg files)
  7. Enter the name of the document you uploaded (e.g. citizenship)
  8. Enter your contact number or email address.
  9. You have successfully registered your mobile phone.

Why should IMEI be registered in Nepal?

NTA has not registered the IMEI number of the old phones, because it has been three and a half years since NTA started registering IMEI.

So that, you should find out the IMEI number on your mobile and register yourself.

For that, mobile users will be able to see the IMEI number of their mobile by dialling * # 06 # on their mobile. The mobile phone shows only one IMEI number if it has a single sim. 

If there are dual sims, both IMEI numbers should register with the authority. How to know if an IMEI number is registered or not?

Now let us Wait for the reply from NTA. about registering our device’s IMEI on their system.

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About the Author: Ashok Nath


    1. Hello Himal,
      Please read the steps and kindly do it yourself. Don’t provide your data and information to others to register. They may misuse them.

  1. Sir ma registration garisaka aab keshari login garna Ani mero mobile ko location keshari track hunxa

    1. Hello Jaleshwor,
      Registration garisaknu vayo bhane aba login garnu pardain, NTA le tapailai email athawa phone number bata confirm garauxa kehi din ma.
      Ani mobile ko location track garna ka lagi ki tapaiko google aacount linked hunuparyo, tesbata tapaile find my device on gareko hunaparxa. Harayeko khanda ma tapaile Kathamnadu area ma hunu hunxa bhaane Teko Police Office ma contact garnu parxa.

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