Seats and Cut-Off Rank Chitwan Engineering Campus

Chitwan Engineering College is the latest college that has been added to the constituent college list of TU, IOE. It offers an architecture engineering program only. Probably in the coming years, it will facilitate other engineering programs too. If you are willing to study architecture engineering, live nearby the area, and have got a lower rank then apply for this college.

1)Seats available in Chitwan Engineering Campus

The following table will help you to understand seats in Chitwan Engineering Campus for different programs:

Engineering programs in

Chitwan Engineering Campus

Seats available in

Chitwan Engineering Campus

Architecture  Engineering (Full Fee) 18
Architecture Engineering (Regular) 6


2) Cut- Off rank for Chitwan Engineering Campus

Engineering programs Cut-Off Rank
Architecture  Engineering (Full Fee) 3660

Female Q(5611)

Architecture Engineering (Regular) 2170

This is the approximation of the Cut-Off rank based on admission list of 2077. This may vary up to 50-100 ranks and the admission list may go up to 10th list. So you need to keep applying  for all admission phases if you do not get listed and your rank is around above mentioned ranks.

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