Who is the“Memory King” of World in 2015??

This time again memory king of 2020 is from Nepal. Arpan Sharma Kattel previously  won the title as “Memory King” in 2015 . He is the memory king of world in 2015 and 2020 and also memory king of Nepal in 2015-2020.

Arpan Sharma is the memory king of world in 2020. He has  kept record of 83 words in one   second. The program was organized by  Guiness World Records  in 2020. He is from Jhapa , Nepal. He won the  world record title “Memory King ” .

Arpan Sharma Kattel has posted in his official facebook page stating his happiness of winning his title back again in 2020.

Routine of Nepal Banda , Nepalese Social Media Facebook Page Congratulating Arpan Sharma Kattel as the world’s biggest memory power.

Below is the table of the personality who owned back to back memory king title in the world.

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Arpan Sharma is successful in retaining his title back in 2020 again. In 2015 he won the memory king of the world .

After it, he was preparing for the bigger title than he kept in 2015. Now back in 2020 he broke his opponents record as well as his own record of 2015 , memorising 83 words successfully.

Another personality, Bijay Shahi who is newly recorded as the Largest “Memory Power” by CHAMPIONS Book of the WORLD RECORDS organized at Annapurna Hotel Kathmandu .  He is from Kalikot a remote district of Nepal.

Bijaya Shahi  is rewarded from the different organization than Guiness World Records as world’s largest memory power. It is clear that the record is set by him is organized by different organization.

Champions Book Of the world Records stated Bijaya Shahi Congratulating him in their website.

The photo is taken with  Guiness world record holder in longest speaking in televison , Ravi Lammichhane , the popular news reporter , journalist of Nepal.

Ravi Lammichhane , the popular news reporter , journalist of Nepal.
Arpan Sharma KattelJhapa, Nepal8304 Feb,2020Guiness Book of World Records
Bijaya ShahiKalikot,Nepal70 04 Feb,2020CHAMPIONS Book of the WORLD RECORDS
Sagar VuchiHyderabad,India



5209 Jun,2019



Guiness Book of World Records



Memory King Arpan Sharma Kattel

Memory king Arpan Sharma’s facebook post
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